Core Concepts

To understand Chartreuse it helps to understand the core concepts behind the library.

Visualizations are Created by Composition

Chartreuse is built around the idea of composition, which means constructing bigger things out of smaller things. In the case of Chartreuse, this means a Plot is constructed from Layers, a Layer combines Data and a Layout, and so on. Each component is reusable in different situations. So you can add the same Data to different Layers in the same Plot if you want.


Chartreuse builds on Doodle, and runs everywhere Doodle runs. This means you can create plots on the JVM and in the web browser, simply by using a different Doodle backend.


Chartreuse is designed to be easy to use, while keeping to the principles above. It should be straightforward to create basic visualizations, and possible to create complex ones.