final case
class OpenPath

Elements are stored in reversed order to make appending, the most common operation, more efficient.

trait Serializable
trait Product
trait Equals
class Object
trait Matchable
class Any

Value members

Concrete methods

def add(element: PathElement): OpenPath
def append(elements: List[PathElement]): OpenPath
def curveTo(cp1: Point, cp2: Point, to: Point): OpenPath
def curveTo(cp1X: Double, cp1Y: Double, cp2X: Double, cp2Y: Double, toX: Double, toY: Double): OpenPath
def curveTo(cp1R: Double, cp1Angle: Angle, cp2R: Double, cp2Angle: Angle, toR: Double, toAngle: Angle): OpenPath
def lineTo(point: Point): OpenPath
def lineTo(x: Double, y: Double): OpenPath
def lineTo(r: Double, angle: Angle): OpenPath
def moveTo(point: Point): OpenPath
def moveTo(x: Double, y: Double): OpenPath
def moveTo(r: Double, angle: Angle): OpenPath

Inherited methods

def productElementNames: Iterator[String]
Inherited from
def productIterator: Iterator[Any]
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