package java2d

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Package Members

  1. package algebra
  2. package effect
  3. package examples

Type Members

  1. type Algebra[F[_]] = algebra.Algebra[F] with Basic[F] with Bitmap[F] with Text[F]
  2. type Canvas = java2d.effect.Canvas
  3. type Drawing[A] = IndexedStateT[Eval, List[ContextTransform], List[ContextTransform], (BoundingBox, algebra.generic.Renderable[Reification, A])]
  4. type Frame = java2d.effect.Frame
  5. type Picture[A] = algebra.Picture[Algebra, Drawing, A]
  6. type Renderable[A] = IndexedStateT[Eval, Transform, Transform, Reification[A]]
  7. type Typeclass[A] = ExplorerFactory[JComponent, A]

Value Members

  1. val Frame: java2d.effect.Frame.type
  2. implicit val colorExplorer: ExplorerFactory[JComponent, Color] { def create: doodle.java2d.effect.Java2dExplorer[doodle.core.Color]{val ui: javax.swing.JColorChooser; val value: monix.reactive.Observable[doodle.core.Color]} }

    Explore Color with a Java2D interface

    Explore Color with a Java2D interface

    Definition Classes
  3. def combine[A](caseClass: CaseClass[Typeclass, A]): Typeclass[A]
  4. def dispatch[A](sealedTrait: SealedTrait[Typeclass, A]): Typeclass[A]
  5. implicit val doubleExplorer: ExplorerFactory[JComponent, Double] { def create: doodle.java2d.effect.Java2dExplorer[Double]{val ui: javax.swing.JSlider; val value: monix.reactive.subjects.Var[Double]} }

    Explore Double with a Java2D interface

    Explore Double with a Java2D interface

    Definition Classes
  6. implicit val intExplorer: ExplorerFactory[JComponent, Int] { def create: doodle.java2d.effect.Java2dExplorer[Int]{val ui: javax.swing.JSlider; val value: monix.reactive.subjects.Var[Int]} }

    Explore Int with a Java2D interface

    Explore Int with a Java2D interface

    Definition Classes
  7. implicit val java2dAnimationRenderer: AnimationRenderer[Canvas]
  8. implicit val java2dBase64GifToPicture: Base64GifToPicture.type
  9. implicit val java2dBase64JpgToPicture: Base64JpgToPicture.type
  10. implicit val java2dBase64PngToPicture: Base64PngToPicture.type
  11. implicit val java2dBufferedImageToPicture: BufferedImageToPicture.type
  12. implicit val java2dCanvasAlgebra: CanvasAlgebra.type
  13. implicit macro def java2dExplorerFactory[A]: ExplorerFactory[JComponent, A]
  14. implicit val java2dExplorerScheduler: Scheduler
    Definition Classes
  15. implicit val java2dGifAnimationWriter: Java2dAnimationWriter.type
  16. implicit val java2dGifWriter: Java2dGifWriter.type
  17. implicit val java2dJpgWriter: Java2dJpgWriter.type
  18. implicit val java2dPdfWriter: Java2dPdfWriter.type
  19. implicit val java2dPngWriter: Java2dPngWriter.type
  20. implicit val java2dRenderer: DefaultRenderer[Algebra, Drawing, java2d.effect.Frame, Canvas]
  21. object Picture

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