package svg

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Package Members

  1. package algebra
  2. package effect

Type Members

  1. type Algebra[F[_]] = algebra.Algebra[F] with Basic[F]
  2. trait Base extends AnyRef

    Base trait for SVG implementations, defining common types

    Base trait for SVG implementations, defining common types

    Used for ML-style modules to ensure the JVM and JS implementations make consistent use of types, and the compiler can prove this.

  3. type Drawing[A] = IndexedStateT[Eval, List[ContextTransform], List[ContextTransform], (BoundingBox, Renderable[(jvm)#SvgResult, A])]
  4. type Frame = svg.effect.Frame
  5. trait JvmBase extends Base
  6. type Picture[A] = algebra.Picture[Algebra, Drawing, A]
  7. type Tag = TypedTag[Builder, String, String]

Value Members

  1. val Svg: (jvm)#Svg.type
  2. val algebraInstance: (jvm)#JvmAlgebra
  3. val jvm: JvmAlgebraModule
  4. implicit val svgWriter: SvgWriter.type
  5. object Picture

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