Development Process

Automated Code Checks

The build task in sbt should be run whenever you have finished code that is ready to be pushed to the main repository. As well as compiling code and running tests this command formats code, organizes imports, checks dependencies are up to date, and more. Many of these are checked by CI, and your code will be rejected if the checks do not pass.


We are generally fast to update dependencies, so don't be afraid to add a commit that updates old dependencies if you see any. The build command will tell you if any new versions of dependencies are available.


Testing is difficult for a project like Doodle, where the output can be hard to capture and automatically assess. Thus we take a layered approach to testing. Small and fast unit tests (usually generative) are great, but to check that output is rendering correctly we have a few other options:


New functionality isn't finished until documentation is written.

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