We've dealt with applicative. What about monad? This means a method

Parser[A].flatMap[B](f: A => Parser[B]): Parser[B]

What does this mean in the context of parsing? Can you see uses for flatMap? Once again, spend some time on this before reading on.

FlatMapallows us to switch to a parser based on the output of another parser. This is done by the function f passed to flatMap. It takes the output of the first parser, and can use that output to choose a parser to parse the rest of the input. For example, we could use flatMap to parse a file where one field tells us the format of the next field. A file like

number: 100
string: hello

could be parsed with

val fieldParser: Parser[String] = ??? // parses <type>: and returns <type>
val intParser: Parser[Int] = ???
val stringParser = Parser[String] = ???

fieldParser.flatMap(result =>
  result match {
    case "number" => intParser
    case "string" => stringParser

Adding flatMap has some drawbacks, which we'll see later on, but for now we'll add it in.

Go ahead and implement flatMap and tests for it.

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